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The Journey from Healing Massage Retreat to Lympha Spa & Massage By Fiona

Hello, I’m Fiona Roberts, the founder of Healing Massage Retreat, and now, the proud owner of Lympha Spa and Massage. With over 14 years of experience in massage and having overcome ovarian and endometrial cancer since 2017, I am deeply committed to holistic health and the pursuit of well-being through mindful choices each day. Massage therapy is central to addressing our body’s physical needs and nurturing a healthy lifestyle. My life’s mission is to transform bodies and help individuals achieve their wellness goals.

My expertise encompasses Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage and therapeutic massage, specializing in the latest Manual Drainage Methods from Brazil—a non-invasive, holistic approach supporting full-body detox. Alongside these specialties, I have a profound proficiency in therapeutic massage, employing techniques that promote overall well-being and address specific concerns. In my commitment to refining these skills, I’ve traveled the United States, immersing myself in the extensive study and sharing of knowledge about lymphatic drainage massage. I am thrilled to share the news of my certification with Josie Rushing in 2023, a distinguished celebrity massage therapist and the visionary founder of Brazilicious Beauty Spa.

Eager to broaden my expertise, I eagerly anticipate continuing my education with Rebecca Faria, a highly regarded celebrity massage therapist and the innovative founder of Detox by Rebecca, in March 2024. This ongoing commitment to learning from the best ensures that I not only maintain but continually enhance my ability to provide exceptional services. Whether through the restorative benefits of therapeutic massage or the detoxifying power of lymphatic drainage, I am dedicated to delivering a comprehensive and unparalleled wellness experience for my clients.

In addition, I am certified in Oncology Massage, offering a gentle touch for individuals managing cancer during and after treatment, anxiety, and in recovery or palliative care. Whether you or your loved ones are navigating the effects of cancer, chronic disease, or terminal illness, I am here to offer support through fully qualified and nurturing massage therapies.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to God for everything in my life and for the incredible people He has placed on my journey. Thank you for being a part of it! Your continued support means the world to us, and we eagerly look forward to serving you at Lympha Spa and Massage.

Here’s to new beginnings!

The Pink Lotus

Our Symbol of Pure Vibes, Self-Care, and Detox Magic at Lympha Spa and Massage At Lympha Spa and Massage, we view the lotus flower as a trusted friend.

This is why we chose the Pink Lotus as our logo. Picture it unfolding from a calm pond, radiating pure energy, self-care, and a hint of detox magic. Despite beginning in murky water, it blossoms into beautiful petals, exuding love, attention, enlightenment, and a detoxifying boost. Just as the lotus requires sunlight and tender care, we are dedicated to providing your body and soul with the utmost TLC. Our Pink Lotus logo isn’t just about breaking negative energy; it’s about introducing more love, attention, and enlightenment into your day with a detoxifying twist.

Experience a unique blend of techniques tailored to elevate your immune system, detoxify, and sculpt your body in our exclusive treatment. Our approach combines manual lymphatic massage with diverse equipment, setting us apart from the rest. This innovative technique revitalizes your metabolism, targets cellulite, and reduces inches by flushing out toxins and water weight.

You’ll notice remarkable results after just one session! Indulge in our Pink Lotus-inspired sanctuary at Lympha Spa and Massage, where we strive to refresh and rejuvenate you. Let us kickstart your journey towards relaxation and detoxification

Specializes In Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massages

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